Viking Stabilization Update

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It is with great joy that it can be reported that the main stabilization work on Viking is finished!? With the visit to our ship by our primary consultant Gunnar Eldjarn in August, 2016–first to evaluate the work that had … Continued

Viking Has A Guardian Angel!

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This angel doesn’t have wings and even smokes cigars! Ever since the Viking arrived in Geneva, Illinois, Peter Orum of Midwest Ground Covers (“MGC”), based in Saint Charles, Illinois, has been “watching” over our ship by supplying protection from the … Continued

Assessment of the Viking

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On November 10, 2007 the Viking ship was professionally examined and evaluated inside and out, from stem to stern. Howard Wellman, a conservator of archaeological materials who has done shipwreck archaeology, and Robert Fink, a boat builder, examined the ship. … Continued

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